Struggle Creates Strength

Episode 8: Paige McLaren

October 29, 2020

Paige McLaren, 28 years-old, has not had an easy life in the slightest, but she is the first one to say that her past was the teacher which helped her get to where she is today. Paige courageously narrowed in on topics such as living with a mother addicted to drugs, sexual abuse, toxic relationships, suicidal thoughts, and self-confidence. Her mother’s addiction forced her family to move countless times and attend 13 different schools. On top of moving around all the time, her mothers boyfriend was also sexually abusing her. When she was 13 she brought the sexual abuse to her mother’s attention, but she shrugged it off and left Paige in a state of hopelessness. When she was just 17 she was forced to leave her house and find her way in the world. Unfortunately, she was stuck in another toxic relationship with the boyfriend she moved in with. Fortunately, at 19 her life changed forever and gave her a fighting chance to a better life, her daughter was born. Paige explains how her daughter has been her saving Grace and biggest motive to keep her mental health in check! I highly suggest that everyone goes and listens to her story, but even more so show her the support she deserves! It’s not easy to be vulnerable and speak up, but those that do are helping everyone around them. Just remember, EVERYONE has a story!!


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